2015| Home Control Concept| Role: UX Director|

With the acquisition of Lifeshield (a home security company) by DIRECTV, the team was challenged to identify unique customer value propositions and experiences that would lead to mass-market adoption of home security and automation.

Design Research

Beginning with in-store competitive product reviews and user visits with a wide audience, we paid close attention to what people say and do, as well as their thoughts and feelings.


Through customer empathy activities, two light-weight personas or "archetypes" were identified to inspire concept and idea generation.

Journey Map

Looking at the customer's experience end-to-end surfaced areas of opportunity and focus.


Facilitating multiple brainstorms across disciplines, key concepts and feature ideas were captured and discussed. Concepts were prioritized with input from ad-hoc guerilla end-user testing methods.

Application model and user flows

High-level mental models and organization principles were established based on optimized user flows.


Low-fidelity wireframing and prototyping enabled further user testing, with iteration incorporated quickly.

Visual Design

Applying a personalized and familiar visual style brought the design together.

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